18 Books for Pride 2018 Part 4

So, I’ve been recommending 3 LGBT+ books per day to celebrate Pride 2018 and in case you missed the previous instalments, here’s Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

Now we’re all caught up, let’s go once more unto the breach.

3 LGBT+ Books You Need To Read


10. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (gay protagonists)

This is the queer magical story I needed. I loved the snippets of this world that we got in Fangirl, but boy was the full book better. In many ways, it feels completely separate from Fangirl and you can tell Rowell isn’t writing as Can, but just as herself. It’s hilarious, brilliant and just a great story. Every time I’m in a reading slump, I go straight for this book. In particular, I love Baz’s sarky, bitter narration and his whole character arc. For me this isn’t just a Harry Potter parody (as some people read it) but an amplified, more mature view of magic in our modern day and age. That sequel can’t arrive soon enough for me.

Find out more about Carry On

11. We Are Young by Cat Clarke (bisexual main character, LGBT+ side characters and mental health discussion)

This is a darker one, as it’s a YA mystery where the protagonist just happens to have had relationships with boys and girls. I choose it for this list, as I loved how this was just a casual side note, which is how sexuality should be represented. It shouldn’t be the main part of a character, but just another detail. Anyway, back to the book. We Are Young is just phenomenal. It deals with mental health issues, fracturing friendships, gaslighting and  how teenagers are often ignored. I love Clarke’s previous books, but We Are Young is easily my favourite book that she’s written.

Find out more about We Are Young

12. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray (trans character, BAME characters, gay characters, disabled character)

Prepare yourself for one wild ride. Beauty Queens makes you think with its clever take-downs of beauty standards and the culture of shame we have around women’s sexuality. It tackles beauty myths, racism, transphobia, homosexuality, family issues, disability, slut-shaming, mental heath issues and so much more. I found it hilarious, moving and surreal but incredibly perceptive at the same time. Instantly on of my favourites.

Find out more about Beauty Queens

That’s my three recommendations for today, but please comment down below what LGBT+ YA reads you’d recommend.

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