September Goals

Recently I checked my monthly goals here and today, I want to set some more for September (yes, I know we’re halfway through the month, but better late than never I guess).

So every month I’ve been setting myself goals about reading diverse books, but this month I’d like to add in some blogging goals.

September Reading Goals:

  • At least one book by a BAME author and/or contains BAME characters
  • At least one book by an LGBT+ author or that contains LGBT+ themes
  • At least one book containing themes about mental health issues/disabilities
  • And the new addition for this month is to try to stick to my current system of choosing books.

Basically, I traded for a lovely Hamilton mug a couple of months ago and I write out all the titles of the books on my TBR shelf. Then I fold them and when it comes to choosing my next book, I randomly pick out a piece of paper and that’s the book I’ll be reading. So far it seems to be working, so I’ll try to stick to it.

I also want to add in some blogging goals.

September Blogging Goals:

  • Post at least one more review by the end of the month
  • Try to post at least once per week
  • Try out some more tags or share a book haul

So, those are all my goals for September: now let’s see if I can actually stick to them!

What are your goals for September? Let me know in the comments down below.

10 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. ~Kerys says:

    I need to start reading more diverse books but I’m a total mood reader and I’m lazy so I just pick out the nearest good book I can find! My blogging goal is also to post once a week! I mean it was twice a week but I kinda failed so…. hahahha Loved reading this! xx ❤️🦄🍍😀

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    • ashortbooklover says:

      I’m such a mood reader as well, so I just pick up a load of books from different genres from the library and see what I feel like. I feel like books should all be diverse, but I do seek some out (especially if they’re not as well known). Thanks so much for responding and I love your blog as well.


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