Thunderhead Review

Yesterday, I kicked off my celebration of the Arc of a Scythe series with a review of the first book in the series and today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the sequel: Thunderhead.

Thunderhead Review:


I’ll keep this short and spoiler-free, so I won’t include a synopsis as it spoils some events from Scythe.

Thunderhead confirmed what I already thought; I am obsessed with the Arc of a Scythe series.

Shusterman has thought of an amazingly clever and original concept that has spawned a wonderfully crafted series. Every detail intrigues me more and I honestly feel like I could read about this world forever.

The ending is shocking, brilliant and leaves you with so many questions. It’s the perfect addition to a book that’s jam-packed with so many twists and turns.

It’s just the way that hints and subtle themes from Scythe grow and influence the story in such a clever way. It’s the way every character becomes even more developed and complex. It’s the way we get to explore more of this wonderful world and particularly the character of the Thunderhead. All of the factors add together to form such an amazing book.

Thunderhead is a phenomenal and gripping addition to a series that I can safely say is one of my favourites.

Five stars. 

Over To You:

So those are my thoughts on Thunderhead, but have you read it? What did you think of it?

The Scythe mania is quite over yet and tomorrow, I’ll be sharing something that I’m quite proud of and it’s completely original…

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