Scythe Book Tag

It’s day 12 of Blogtober now and I decided I want to do something entirely original today, so I’ve created a new book tag that’s inspired by one of my favourite series of all time: The Arc of a Scythe series by Neal Shusterman. I think I’ll be re-reading this during the autumn months, as the dark world and characters lends themselves perfectly to cold wintry nights.

All my character prompts are meant to be matched with another fictional character, as I don’t think I make that clear in the actual tag below!

I will just add in a quick minor spoiler alert, as I do mention the identity of the villain in Scythe, so proceed with caution.

Scythe Tag:

Citra: The super strong, intelligent and fierce woman that defies your expectations


Obviously, I have to go with Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She was and still is my hero in so many ways. She showed me that being smart is something to celebrated.

Rowan: A morally grey character you can’t help but love


Kaz Brekker fits this category for me, for certain. He’s on the cusp of being a hero, but he’s still got that deliciously dark side.

Scythe Curie: A completely badass legend


Zélie Adebola from Children of Blood and Bone is such a strong, fierce and powerful woman. Honestly, just read that book, because it is just breathtaking.

Scythe Faraday: A caring, wise old soul


The narrator from The Book Thief, whose identity I won’t reveal due to spoilers. Just such an original, though-provoking voice.

The Thunderhead: A complex character that you’re not quite sure about


Xifeng from Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. She’s dark and deeply flawed, but she’s more complex than just being a villain. I’ll have to see what she gets up to in Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix, which is out next month.

Scythe Goddard: The most dastardly, pure evil villain


Father John from After the Fire. I don’t want to say anymore.

The Robes: An item of clothing from a book you wish you could own


Lara Jean’s entire wardrobe from the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series. I’m basing this on a mix of descriptions from the book and the amazing outfits in the film, which I absolutely adored.

The Scythedom: Group of characters you’d love to spend some time with

I’d probably be too busy wanting to sit inside and reading a book, but I’d love to spend a day with the Naturalist families in Fennbirn. Meeting Jules (and Camden) and having out with Arsinoe would be pretty awesome, even if I’m not likely to survive the day.

Same notion of not surviving, but I’d love to spend some time with the Diviners gang. I reckon I’d have a really good time, in between the supernatural attacks and murders.

Scythe Beyonce: A character with an unusual but fitting name


I couldn’t not mention this iconic name in this tag at least once. My choice for this category would be Dante from the Caraval series, because of the events of Legendary and a certain philosopher.

Over To You:

What would you choose for each of these categories?

I’d love for other people to participate in this tag and, if you are, please send me a link to your post!

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