Reflecting on Blogtober 2018

So, here we are, the final post of this long and arduous journey through October.

Aside from yesterday’s slight mishap, I’ve managed to post every single day in October, which I’m really proud of.

My Top 5 Blogtober Posts:

  • I’ve loved the introduction of my Mini Review Mondays (here and here), so I want to continue them!
  • Six Books I Think All Teens Should Read was such a though-provoking topic to think about
  • I got a bit personal with My Fears, which isn’t something I do a lot of on the blog, so that was a nice moment.
  • Engaging with more weekly memes like Six For Sunday and Top Ten Tuesday, which I plan to continue when a prompt inspires me.
  • I loved taking part in the Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0, but I really loved creating my own original tag for one of my favourite series (Scythe Book Tag)

Essentially, what I’ve learnt from doing Blogtober is that scheduling is key, but creating and posting regular content is actually so exciting and fun. There were days when I would just come up with so many ideas (some of which I ran out of time for), which helped when I had other days when nothing was coming.

From this experience, I’m going to try and post more regularly! Also, I’m going to try and keep posting at least one review per week, as I really enjoy share my thoughts on books with people and try out more tags.

Finally, I’m going to scrap my randomising way of choosing which book I read next, as I’ve discovered that I’m such a mood reader. I’ll go back to it for when I’m stuck for what to choose next, or I’ll use that handy favourite: a Twitter poll!

Over To You:

How was your October? If you participated in Blogtober, how did you find it?

6 thoughts on “Reflecting on Blogtober 2018

  1. Autumn says:

    Well done for completing Blogtober! I don’t think I’d have the time to post everyday, maybe I’ll try it next year! 😂 Great achievement, Autumn x

    Liked by 1 person

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