18 Days of 2018: My Top 15 Non-YA Books

Today is day 2 of my 18 days of 2018 countdown, which kicked off yesterday with eighteen of my favourites series of this year.

I feel like I talk an awful lot about YA books on here and it is my favourite genre, but I do also enjoy reading other things, so today I wanted to share 15 non-YA books I’ve loved this year!

15 Non-YA Books I’ve Loved This Year:

Each one of these books is spectacular and though-provoking. Looking back at my list, it’s a heavy mix of eye-opening anthologies and collections, mixed with biographies of people I truly admire and a fair bit of mind-blowing, dark fiction.

I truly feel like I need to broaden my horizons sometimes in regards to reading, as I can quite often get into a bubble of YA, when there’s so many other stories out there. That being said, I do identify and connect with YA the most, which is why it’s my preferred genre.

In 2019, I want to keep trying to challenge myself, which I think the Beat The Backlist Challenge will help me with and you can check out my TBR here.

Over To You:

Which non-YA books have you loved this year?

Do you find that you have the same problem with this ‘bubble’ of your preferred genre?

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