Six For Sunday: Bookish Wishes

#SixForSunday is a weekly prompt hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot in which we’re encouraged to share 6 books or book-related opinions on a theme. This week’s theme is Bookish Wishes, so I wanted to share six gorgeous books that are currently on my wishlist, but I also want to share six wishes I have for books in 2019.

Six Beautiful Books On My Wishlist:

I would also add all of these beautiful items that I featured earlier this week!

Six Bookish Wishes For 2019:

  • More diverse books and more promotion of them
  • More casual diversity in books – don’t make it the sole character trait of someone
  • More discussion around and change with accessibility at book events
  • More character-driven books (my absolute favourites)
  • To be more conscious of trigger warnings in my reviews and content
  • To be more consistent with reviewing and to try to keep my Twitter thread going

Over To You:

Which books/bookish items are on your wishlist? Also, what are your bookish wishes for 2019?

6 thoughts on “Six For Sunday: Bookish Wishes

  1. Lili Star Reads says:

    All of the covers are amazing!
    I agree with the accessiblility in book events, YALC had some but could definitely improve, maybe some more seats around the place and free water stations for a start.
    I like when book reviews have trigger warnings because then I know what I’m getting into!

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    • ashortbooklover says:

      They are, aren’t they? Yeah, I’m constantly surprised at the shortcomings of it (I have disabled close family members), so I’m a bit more aware of it. I’m just trying to be more conscious of the triggers, so people can do exactly that.


  2. Christina Reid says:

    I really want to read Summer Bird Blue and I love you so mochi too (although the title of the second one just has me craving mochi every time I see it!)
    I also agree with you about the range of diverse books being published and I like it even more when the character being ‘diverse’ is just one of many things about the instead of the focus of the book.

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