Six For Sunday: Bookish Loves

#SixForSunday is a weekly prompt hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot in which we’re encouraged to share 6 books or book-related opinions on a theme. This week’s theme is Bookish Loves, which took me quite a while to write about.

Six Things I Love In Books:

  1. Casual diversity that isn’t the character’s only trait (see the above image for six examples)
  2. Sprayed edges or hidden covers – I’m a sucker for these
  3. Character driven stories
  4. When they have a tassel/ribbon bookmark thingy – you’ll never lose your page again
  5. Well-developed characters that actually grow as the plot goes on
  6. Stunning covers (it’s all about the content but it’s the cherry on top)

Wow, that was quite a mix of serious and aesthetic choices, which says a lot about me as a reader, I guess!

Over To You:

What things do you love seeing in books?

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