January Haul

I know it’s not quite the end of January yet, but I highly doubt I’ll be getting any more books between now and Friday!

I want to continue doing my hauls as monthly posts (check out my one for November/December) and introduce Library Hauls to show just how often I use my local library.

Anyway, let’s get into the haul.

All The Books I Bought:

I managed to get the entire Grishaverse trilogy for just £6 via The Book People! I’ve been reading one book per month from this trilogy for the #ShadowandBoneTrilogyReadalong as part of the build-up for King of Scars and it’s definitely worked.

The Curses, Devoted and Two Can Keep A Secret were all pre-orders that arrived perfectly on time.

I picked up The Exact Opposite of Okay from a local independent bookstore (Check their awesome selection here) after loving it so much last year and the special edition of THUG was a lovely post-Christmas treat for myself.

I’m really happy as I’ve actually read every book in this pile! Recently, I’ve got into a bad habit of buying a book and then letting to sit on my TBR shelf for a while (*coughs* The Cheerleaders *coughs*). Let’s hope that I can keep this up next month.

What books have you hauled this month?

4 thoughts on “January Haul

  1. ashortbooklover says:

    They’re the new editions I believe and the story inside matches the quality! I love TEOOO so much (wanted to get a copy before AGCS comes out) and I’m hoping to go to a Feminism In YA event that she’s part of.


    • ashortbooklover says:

      I managed to grab them for a bargain price, so I was lucky. I hope they don’t change the covers for the adaptation, I never really like those changes to covers. Hope you get round to them at some point and enjoy them!


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