February Haul


I picked up several brilliant books this month and have read the vast majority of them!

I had pre-ordered The Vanishing Stair, Fierce Fragile Hearts, King of Scars, The Extinction Trials: Rebel, The Burning and On The Come Up from Waterstones, so they all arrived early.

I bought Allegedly, Heartstopper and Enchanteé as mid-revision pick-me-ups and I managed to get It Ends With You for just 89p from The Works.

A lot of these were pre-orders and I had some disposable income from extra shifts, so this is far more than I would usually pick up.

Which great books have you picked up this month?

7 thoughts on “February Haul

  1. Paige @ BookishPaige_ says:

    I bought Heartstopper too! The Vanishing Stair is on my list too, I didn’t pre-order because my boyfriend wanted to buy it plus several other books for V-day .. however he’s late ordering them as usual because of deployment and internet issues xD

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