#FindTheGirl: All That Glitters

Thank you to Michelle Nathan and Penguin for including me and sending me these brilliant books in exchange for an honest review. As today’s post is featuring All That Glitters, the synopsis will include spoilers for the first book in the series, #FindTheGirl.

I was instantly drawn to these books because I’ve been a fan of Lucy and Lydia for a while, with a shared love of makeup and Disney. Their channel is such a ray of sunshine on YouTube sometimes and Penguin will be channelling some of that sunshine later this week, as there will be a Find The Girl: All That Glitters themed competition at their stall at YALC.



Nancy Palmer used to be Insta-famous and her twin Nina used to shy away from everyone.

Things can change pretty quickly.

Nina has been accepted onto a Guildhall music course and is famous because of her pop star boyfriend, Chase. Nancy is trying to put her name on the map by becoming a music journalist and is not getting distracted by Chase’s hot bandmate Miles.

When their estranged dad shows up out of the blue and shows an interest in Nina’s budding music career, Nancy isn’t sure he’s just there to make amends.

As they attempt to find their way through new challenges, they both have to remember that you have to pave your own path to success and sometimes fame comes at a price.

My Thoughts:

This is a perfect, summery read, as it’s fun and such an easy read, but it also has depth to it that keeps pulling you back in.

You can read this without having read Find The Girl, as there’s a recap of the previous events at the beginning of the book, but I think I got a lot more insight into the characters and their relationships by reading the previous book. The writing in both is just so relatable and accessible that I flew through them!

Nina and Nancy are such relatable, engaging characters that have great messages behind them. Nina’s constant comparison of herself to others really touched on my own insecurities, as I think it will many other readers. Self-critique is unfortunately very prevalent and that’s why the message of focusing on your own achievements and being proud of yourself that All That Glitters puts across is so important. On the other hand, Nina’s insecurity about finding her special ‘thing’ really showed how despite outwardly confident appearances, we can all be feeling left out or inadequate, but also that this is a perfectly normal emotion, which again is such a positive message for readers.

I loved how the various romantic relationships are being developed, without giving too much away, but also I really enjoyed the new family dynamic that was introduced, as it added a bit of tension and drama.

The writing style is so flirty, funny and feels like so many people in my peer group, making All That Glitters such an enjoyable read. As well as this, the focus on music that’s at the core of the story is refreshingly different and relatable. Often in life, we have certain pieces of music that we associate with certain events and I really felt All That Glitters captured this feeling completely.

Find the Girl All that Glitter - Blog Tour Graphic 2

Thank you again to Penguin and Michelle Nathan for sending me copies of the series so far in exchange for a honest review and please check out the other amazing posts on this blog tour. Also, if you’re heading to YALC later this week, don’t forget to check out the Find The Girl: All That Glitters themed competition!

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