Recent Reads #22

Previously, I renamed ‘Weekly’ Wrap-Ups to Recent Reads, as I feel like that reflects the timescale between posts more accurately!

As ever, today I will briefly reviewing all the books I’ve read since my last post in approximately fifty words. The previous post also explains my concept of ‘The Chosen Ones’ to highlight my favourite books in each post!

1. The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood Hargrave 🧠🏳️‍🌈⭐️

As I’m currently studying Dracula, this was the feminist, LGBT+ spin on the three ‘vampire brides’ that I needed. The story inside is just as beautiful as that cover. Full thoughts here. Five stars.

2. The M Word by Brian Conaghan 🧠

This was such an emotionally raw, powerful story that I really enjoyed the concept of and the writing style. However, I didn’t connect with Maggie as much as I wanted to, leaving me lightly disassociated from the story. Three and a half stars.

3. American Royals by Katharine McGee 🧠⭐️

I was hesitant going into this after her previous series, but this was an addictive, enjoyable read. I loved the dual narratives, with all the different perspectives giving interesting insights into the same events and a heavy bit of dramatic irony adding some soap opera tension for the reader. Four stars.

4. The Good Luck Girls by Charlotte Nicole Davis 🧠🏳️‍🌈⭐️

I’ve just reviewed this incredible book after absolutely loving it! Four and a half stars.

5. Unleashed by Amy McCulloch 🧠⭐️

I liked the corporate conspiracy and the answers I got for my many questions I had after Jinxed! However, I just wanted more to flesh out the amazing world McCulloch created and really missed the school environment. Three and a half stars.

6. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston 🧠🏳️‍🌈⭐️

I was obviously in the mood for romantic contemporaries this week, as my heart was thoroughly warmed by this cute, sweet and funny, but also serious and emotional love story. It has great comments to make on the homophobia in British and American politics, tradition and even a few barbed shots at the British Royal Family. Four stars.

7. Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco 🧠

This was a re-read, but last time I read this, I was in a bit of slump, so I decided to give this series a second chance. I am so glad I did, because this time around, I was totally gripped! Bring on the rest of the series – I’ve got books two and three to binge-read right away. Four stars.

The Chosen Ones


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