October Haul and Wrap-Up

October was another tumultuous and hectic month for me personally, though I had great fun co-hosting the #GOPAFReadalong and managed to complete my TBR! In total, I read 17 books, though my review game this month was a bit weaker.

Recent Reads:




Despite being on a book buying ban, I managed to pick up a fair few books this month!

I traded for Infinity Son and Full Disclosure, all of which were highly anticipated books of mine. The day after my friend lent me Wilder Girls, I devoured it in one sitting on my bus journey and it blew me away.

The Toll was easily in my top three anticipated books of the year and I’d pre-ordered it via Waterstones. I actually finished it yesterday and it did not disappoint.

Someone in my family went on a trip to the US recently and very generously picked up The Grace Year The Last of August for me. I’m hoping to read them at some point in the next few months, but I’m not pressuring myself.

How was your October?

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