The Harry Potter Spells Tag

The lovely Connie from Connie Reads tagged me to take part in this all the way back in October and I’ve finally got round to doing it! I previously took part last year and it’ll be interesting to compare my two sets of answers.

EXPECTO PATRONUM | A childhood book connected to good memories?


Aside from the Harry Potter series, which is a given, this has to be Matilda. Seeing a fellow bookworm stand up against injustices and learn the power of her voice was an invaluable experience that I keep returning to when I feel like I need a boost, even now. I love it so much that I actually got a Matilda mug last week from my family for my birthday!

EXPELLIARMUS | A book that took you by surprise?

I’m going to interpret this question as a book that had a brilliant twist, which all of the above certainly did! As far as books that I underestimated goes, I would pick Orphan, Monster, Spy, The Grace Year and Girl Made of Stars.

PRIOR INCANTATO | The last book you read?


Much like Queens of Geek, this was a well-written story with casual diversity that sounds like a cute contemporary and is, but also delves into the issue of straight washing (though it does happen a lot later in the book than the blurb implies). I really liked it and the sneaky canoes from QOG were an added bonus!

ALOHAMORA | A book that introduced you to a genre you’d never considered before?

RIDDIKULUS | A funny book you’ve read?

SONORUS | A book you think everyone should know about?

Oh so many books I could choose for this category, but my top five currently (and this will change daily) are those above, all centring complex female characters and discussing deeply important, topical issues.

OBLIVIATE | A book or spoiler you would like to forget you ever read?


In terms of spoilers, I wish The Wicked King hadn’t been spoilt for me. I’m picking up The Queen of Nothing today and so far, I’ve avoided spoilers so fingers crossed.

IMPERIO | A book you had to read for school?

I study English Literature, so I have to read a fair few books for that! This year, my favourites have probably been Carol Ann Duffy and Dracula, while The Heart Goes Last was entertaining, but just not as memorable.

CRUCIO | A book that was painful to read?

My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent; I couldn’t even finish it, I was just so disgusted.

AVADA KEDAVRA | A book that could kill (interpret as you will)?


I have to agree with Connie on this one! Priory is a sumptuously written, stunning epic female-led fantasy but boy, is it a beast of a book. In fact, when I picked it up from the library, all my family commented that it could be used as a lethal weapon.

Thank you again to Connie for tagging me and I’m so sorry it took so long for me to complete it. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my answers! Let me know what books you’d have chosen for the prompts in the comments.

I’m tagging the following amazing bloggers:

– Amy at Amy’s Bookish Life

– Sasha at Midnight Book Girl

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