The Toll

I’ll keep this short and spoiler-free, so I won’t include a synopsis as it spoils some events from Scythe and Thunderhead, but I’ve linked my review for them instead!

The Toll:


My Thoughts:

For me, this was the perfect ending for this amazing trilogy.

It’s so intrinsically detailed, tightly plotted and very, very clever. The way that all the narrative end up being drawn together was just sublime. It felt like the pieces of a puzzle finally slotted together and was incredible to witness.

I’ve always really liked the parallels Shusterman draws between this world and our own, with the political intrigue and thought-provoking topics. Here this talent is shown once again with commentary on current social and political events woven into the plot. I really liked how corruption has grown from a smaller insidious force into an overwhelming power over the course of the series.

These characters all feel three-dimensional and realistic. The characters arcs have been so well mapped-out over the trilogy and I’ve really felt like I’ve watched some of them grow. We always get a bit of an insight into each character, transforming them from caricatures into more nuanced players.

One of the best things about this series is the sheer unbounded creativity. The world building and superbly crafted dystopian atmosphere are just amazing. I could read so many more books set in this world, but the way the Toll finishes felt like a fitting end.

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