The King of Crows

This will be a short and sweet review, as I don’t want to reveal any spoilers. Therefore I’ve edited the synopsis, so even if you haven’t read the previous books, nothing is given away.

I received an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



After the horrifying explosion that claimed one of their own, the Diviners find themselves wanted by the US government, and on the brink of war with the King of Crows.

In this sweeping finale, The Diviners will be forced to confront their greatest fears and learn to rely on one another if they hope to save the nation, and world from catastrophe…

My Thoughts:

God, I have enjoyed The Diviners series and this epic finale is no exception.

Every book has been utterly soaked in this unnerving atmosphere that seeps under your skin and into your bones. Bray’s writing is genuinely chilling, creating villains that will stalk your dreams. I love how she combines contemporary American monsters of the period with the fantastical horrors of the supernatural.

Over the course of the series, you will meet some unforgettable characters and watch them grow, break and mend over the course of the four books. It’s such a character-driven series that allows each one a moment to shine, even if that shine is then destroyed.

The twists and turns over this series have been genuinely breath-taking, often upending the entire story and your expectations of it. Once more, Bray has a few tricks up her sleeve with emotional moments and a couple of shocks.

There’s so much I want to say about this entrancing series, but like the world of The Diviners, for now it is shrouded in mystery. You’ll simply have to pick this book up when it releases to find out more.


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