January Wrap-Up and Haul

January was a tumultuous time for me personally, but I managed to escape into some wonderful books (including my TBR) and read 17 books in total.

Recent Reads:



I amassed a huge amount of books this month, so this may take a while!

I pre-ordered Foul is Fair, The King of Crows and Bookshop Girl in Paris, while The Case For Jamie was a little post-Christmas present for myself. The amazing Sasha gifted me Scars Like Wings and Strange The Dreamer. 

Luckily for me, I won an ARC of Only Mostly Devastated from the author and Anna K from Penguin Platform. Harper 360 utterly spoilt me and sent me All Your Twisted Secrets, Clique Bait, Red Hood and We Are Totally Normal. Finally, the wonderful Samuel Bonner from Penguin Random House surprised me with The Queen’s Assassin!

I am so thankful to everyone who has sent me review copies and I can’t wait to get stuck into even more of these wonderful books (I’ve currently read five of these).

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