March Wrap-Up & Haul

Well, March has been an odd month for us all, I think it’s safe to say. My life has shifted massively, as suddenly I’ve left school and been classed as a key worker. As ever, I’ve escaped reality to explore new worlds through books, reading 23 books in total and completing my TBR.

Recent Reads:



As ever, I’ve been massively spoilt by some amazing publishers this month. Rob Richardson at Melia Publishing ensured that I’ll be getting some sleepless nights by sending me Little Creeping Things and Scared Little Rabbits. Likewise, the amazing Simon Armstrong sent me the stunning proof of Harrow Lake, which honesty is one of the best proof designs I’ve ever seen. Lizz Skelly at Bonnier Books treated me with that gorgeous hardback proof of Clap When You Land, Samuel Bonner sent me Hawk and Little Tiger spoilt me with both The Rules and Fig Swims The World. 

My brilliant friend (and best buddy reader) Sasha sent me To Best The Boys and Blood Countess, which I cannot wait to dive into. Finally, the phenomenal publicist Siobhan McDermott sent me easily one of my most anticipated books of the year: Good Girl, Bad Blood!

How was March for you? 

I hope you are all staying safe and well in these uncertain times. 

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