Let’s Talk Books Book Tag

With recent events, I could not be silent. On my Twitter is a range of resources and I’ve linked here a thread of bail funds to support protesters who are arrested for demanding justice for victims of police violence. Here is the Black Lives Matter Carrd and 74 bail funds to support as well. I will be doing this on every post. If you have the funds to donate, please do but if not, please support and uplift Black voices and sign the petitions.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember that Emma and I cohosted a feature called Let’s Talk YA. We decided to revamp this during this world-wide pandemic to become a weekly series where we highlight books that are being published during this time that may not get the release they deserve. We will often feature a review or some other exciting bookish content. This was started last month with some awesome recent releases and you can check out the page at the top of my blog to see the other posts.

We strongly encourage other people to join in the conversation and promote upcoming books they’re excited about.

Today, I’m sharing something very exciting – a Let’s Talk Books book tag that Emma and I co-created! It’s all centred around upcoming or recent releases, as well as a few fun staples.

Let’s Talk Books Book Tag

The hyped book you can’t wait to read

I have heard nothing but good things about You Should See Me in a Crown and I’m so excited for my preorder to arrive next month!

The important book you’ve read (or on your TBR)

A really important book that I’ve read is Anger is a Gift which I will shout about for eternity and on my TBR is the equally impressive sounding This Is My America.

An upcoming book by a LGBTQ+ author you’re really hyped for

I am incredibly hyped for so many LGBTQ+ books, but Cemetery Boys really stands out for me and I just ordered it yesterday, as Illumicrate is doing a debut box for it!

A book on your TBR that you will think will be a 5 star read

I think that These Violet Delights may be a five star read for me as literally everything about it sounds right up my street!

The book hangover book

The books that I always turn to when I’m having a book hangover are Heartstopper or Girls Of Paper and Fire.

An upcoming book by a Black author you’re really hyped for

I actually share my answer here with Emma! I’m very excited about The Black Kids, but as a bonus, I’ve recently read Cinderella Is Dead and trust me, I’m so excited for more people to discover this phenomenal story. If you’d like to add some more, I recently made a list of 50 2020 YA releases by Black authors!

The book you’d recommend everyone read

I have three incredible anthologies to include here, as I find that they allow you to find so many more incredible authors. The three in question are A Phoenix Must First Burn, A Change is Gonna Come and A Thousand Beginnings and Endings.

A book that surprised you recently

Plot wise, I was really surprised by The Boy in the Red Dress, Hideous Beauty and Wonderland recently!

An upcoming book by a POC author you’re really hyped for

I’m really hyped for Forest of Souls and Shine, both of which are polar opposites genre-wise but sound so good.

A book you think would make a great film or TV series

I think the We Set the Dark on Fire duology would make for an epic TV series or film amongst many, many others!

I tag:

Amy from Amy’s Bookish Life

Sasha & Amber from Sasha & Amber Read

Layla from Readable Life

We both really hope you enjoyed our book tag and please feel free to tag yourself! I can’t wait to see people’s answers and as always, check out Emma’s answers over on her blog.

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