July Wrap-Up and Haul

BLM has not gone away, so we need to keep supporting this movement and stay aware of other world events. Here’s more BLM UK petitions for you to sign, as well as a list of resources to aid Anti-Racism work in the UK, as well as UK specific places to donate to. I will be doing this on every post. If you have the funds to donate, please do but if not, please support and uplift Black voices and sign the petitions. Also, here’s the Black Lives Matter Carrd to support. Also, here are links to Carrds talking about many of the world’s current events and how you can help.

Like many previous months, June seemed to fly by for me while I’m still in lockdown. This month, I managed to smash my TBR and read 26 books in total.

Recent Reads:



Yet again, I managed to pick up a fair few books in July!

I ordered All Boys Aren’t Blue and Felix Ever After from the awesome Portal Bookshop, treated myself to I’ll Be The One and Loveless was a preorder. This gorgeous edition of Rebecca also just happened to fall into my hands at my first venture into a Waterstones yesterday.

The lovely Rob Richardson at Melia sent me Verona Comics and the constantly amazing Sam Bonner from Penguin Random House sent me This Is My America. Finally, the fantastic Harriet Dunlea at Scholastic sent me the hilarious Heartbreak Boys!

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