Blog Tour: The Girls Are All So Nice Here

Just ahead of its publication date on Thursday, I’m sharing my review for The Girls Are All So Nice Here by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn as part of the blog tour.  Thank you so much to Sian Baldwin at HQ Stories for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour and sending me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Nice girls can do bad things…

When Ambrosia first arrives at prestigious college Wesleyan, she’s desperate to fit in. But Amb struggles to navigate the rules of this strange, elite world, filled with privileged ‘nice’ young women – until she meets the charismatic but troubled Sully, with whom she forms an obsessive friendship.

Intoxicated by Sully’s charm and determined to impress her, Amb finds herself drawn deep into her new best friend’s dangerous manipulations. But if she wants to play Sully at her own game, Amb has no idea just how devastating the consequences will be…

Deeply unsettling and compulsive, The Girls Are All So Nice Here is a gripping exploration of the brutal lengths girls will go to, to take what they think they are owed.

Publication Date: 1st April

TW: suicide, self harm, drug use, rape, murder, bullying

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My Thoughts:

The Girls Are All So Nice Here is a dangerous, heady and intoxicatingly addictive read that you cannot tear yourself away from. Flynn didn’t hesitate to go there in this psychological, twisted and disturbing exploration of possibly the most toxic friendship you’ve ever heard of.

It’s a dark and addictive mystery about toxic friendship, mixed with a bit of murder. I liked how Flynn didn’t shy away from making her characters truly unlikable, though they often stayed morally gray, allowing for nuance and discussion. Here, there are very very few likeable characters, instead they are mired in their fractured, complicated lives and relationships, often with some dark secrets bubbling beneath. You never completely emphasise with any of them, though you do get to peek into their heads and get some sense of why they do what they do. The final narration was unexpectedly brilliant and I particularly loved the exquisite ending. There’s no easy answers here and there was never really a chance for a truly happy ending. 

It opens with a very good opening hook that drew me in straight away and left me desperately wanting to know more. I liked how the mystery was really teased out, with certain events remaining shrouded in shadow close to the end. You get a sense of this toxic bond between the two central characters and how this affected their every move. It’s like they’re locked in this endless battle masquerading as a friendship and it gives them motivation to do some truly awful things. Our main protagonist, Amb, is no sweetheart. Her actions are often despicable and unforgivable, particularly when her secret is revealed. That makes for some compelling reading though, as you are torn between glimmers of sympathy and deep hatred for her. 

The Girls Are All So Nice Here is a dark exploration of toxic friendship and the lengths to which people to will go to in order to claim what they believe to be theirs. It’s a morally fraught and ambiguous book, even down to that perfectly sinister ending. 

Thank you again to Sian Baldwin and HQ Stories for including me and make sure you check out the other superb posts on the blog tour.

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