Blog Tour: Lies Like Wildfire

Today, I’m really excited to be reviewing the enthralling Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez. Thank you so much to Penguin and The Write Reads for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour and sending me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

A scorching and intense YA thriller with a cast of fascinating characters, Lies Like Wildfire sees a group of friends become responsible for a terrible, deadly accident, with the burning secrets they vow to keep threatening to turn the rest of their lives into ashes.

The monsters have known each other their whole lives. This is their final summer before college – time to hang out, fall in love and dream about the future.

Until they accidentally start a forest fire which destroys their hometown and leaves death in its wake. Desperate for the truth to remain hidden, the group make a pact of silence. But the twisted secret begins to spin out of control and when one of the friends disappears they all become suspects. We know how it starts but where does it end?

TW: fire, death, murder, animal death, physical abuse, drunk driving, car crash, hit and run, implied attempted suicide, stalking

Goodreads | Waterstones

My Thoughts:

Lies Like Wildfire is a spider web of secrets, lies and complex relationships that slowly unspins, leading you on a journey of fire and blood. Its ending is stellar and will leave you with your jaw open. 

Alvarez opens with one hell of an impactful opening line. Immediately, it promises a original, very intriguing and dangerous tale is about to unfold. It feels fresh and new, a shocking and enticing way to open. It pivots straight to the discovery of a body and murder. Therefore, it effectively sets the scene and draws you in. From then on, Alvarez ensures that you won’t glance away by maintaining this incredibly intense atmosphere. The tension and suspense are constantly piling on, with the pressure increasing on our protagonist and her fellow monsters. She sits in this tangled web of secrets, lies and guilt that is eating away at all of them, but the consequences when they start to snap and unravel will be deadly. 

Alvarez’s writing is incredibly bingeable, so much so that I practically read this book in one sitting. You find yourself becoming enmeshed in these characters’ lives and discovering the glimmers of the dark secrets they all hold. These are deeply unlikeable and complex characters who have done awful things and are entangled in so many secrets and family issues. Above all, our narrator Hannah provides us with a complicated and often obscured tale. She is brave, fiercely loyal and incredibly fearful of the repercussions this will have on all of them. Also, this is an excellent mystery, with some incredible twists and turns. Everything culminates in a superb ending that really sits on your mind. All I’m saying is that the before and after sections of the book will definitely shift your perspective and it’s the type of book that you instantly want to reread and pick apart. 

Lies Like Wildfire is a shining star amongst YA thrillers, with excellent writing and some amazing twists and turns. Keep your eyes on everyone, because you never know who can truly be trusted.

Thank you again to Penguin and The Write Reads for including me and please make sure that you check out the rest of the incredible blog tour posts.

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