Review: Into The Midnight Void

I fell in love with Beyond the Ruby Veil by Mara Fitzgerald in 2021; it was the dark bloody gem I needed. This is the murder sapphics, enemies-to-lovers duology that really just throws everything on the table and lets all hell run loose. So, I was overjoyed when I got the opportunity to read and review Into The Midnight Void early.

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Emanuela has finally gotten what she wanted. Since escaping her catacomb prison, she’s started running things her way. Under her rule, citizens no longer give up their lives at the first, tiny appearance of their omens. As long as they aren’t caught bad-mouthing their queen, they can live out their days like everyone else.

But when cracks in her magic start to show, Emanuela begrudgingly allies herself with her enemies, including her frustratingly alluring archnemesis, Verene. Together, discover deeper truths about the mysterious blood magic Emanuela and Verene both wield. There is a higher, otherworldly authority outside the veils, and in order to save Occhia and the other realms, Emanuela may just have to rip another crown off someone’s head.

Publication Date: 22nd February

Goodreads | Waterstones

TW: interrogation, torture, imprisonment, death, murder, blood, violence, self harmeye gore, body horror

My Thoughts:

Into The Midnight Void builds on the strong foundations set by Beyond The Ruby Veil to deliver this gorgeously glory and serpentine tale. For me, this is a delectably dark duology that has such powerfully fascinating, complex and nuanced characters that will never truly let you go. 

Beyond the Ruby Veil came into my life and ripped my heart straight out of my chest. This was such a vicious, bloody tale packed full of complex, unlike Lee characters that will do anything to hold onto power. It was pitched to me as bloody sapphic chaos and I knew right then that I’d love it. Well, it exceeded every one of my expectations and so the sequel had quite a lot to live up to. Luckily Into The Midnight Void takes every dark shred of destruction and crafts them into a twisted new tale that is equally bloody and bold. This is the murder sapphics, enemies-to-lovers duology that really just throws everything on the table and lets all hell run loose. The sequel more than lives up to the sheer spectacle that the first book began.

Fitzgerald holds nothing back. Right from that opening, you know you are in for a hell of a ride. It is incredibly vicious and brutal, plunging straight back into this chaotic hell scape. The pages do not get any less blood soaked. This is a book full of violence and vengeance, with the blood practically dripping from the pages. Fitzgerald really leans into the darkness of the first book and keeps that atmosphere going. I enjoyed the way Fitzgerald expands the world and mythology associated with it here, building on that gruesome magic system I loved from the first book. There are also so many jaw-dropping twists and turns. I loved how much paranoia and suspense Fitzgerald injects into the atmosphere. You really cannot trust anyone on the page, nor can you trust Fitzgerald to not just brutally kill them off. This really kept me on my toes, as I never knew what to expect next.  

Emanuela and Verene are characters that will never leave your mind. Their dynamic is so complicated and laced with undertones of mutual jealousy. They both want power and domination at any cost. When we last saw them, they were both thoroughly embittered with the events of the first book. Well, they are back and they want blood. In particular, Emanuela’s narrative style is packed full of spark and character. She has such a distinctive voice, laced with venom and vengeance but also surprising moments of vulnerability. It is this hidden heart to her that means that you fall in love with her, only for her to turn around and commit another heinous act. 

These are morally gray characters taken to an extreme. There is no attempt to fully justify their actions, but they definitely face their consequences. I appreciated how Fitzgerald always manages to raise the stakes that much more while the chaos is unleashed. This makes for an incredibly fast paced read, as you just slot into Emanuela’s fractured mind and viewpoint. I loved how their relationship has shifted from the first book, even though they will and frequently do still stab each other in the back. The duology does not rush their dynamic, though that mutual spark is lying there most times. Of course, romance for them involves plenty of stabbing and gore. There is just something to be said for just being able to revel in a well-crafted, complex character and Fitzgerald has created a perfect set of stabby sapphics. 

Into The Midnight Void plunges you back into this sensational, sanguinary spectacle of a story. It is everything you could ask for and so much more.

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