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Having fallen in love with She’s Too Pretty to Burn and The Kill Club previously, I knew I had to read the latest offering from Wendy Heard. Thanks to TBR and Beyond Tours for allowing me to join the tour and share my stop today, with a review and playlist!

You can check out the rest of the stops on this incredible tour here.

In one week, Maude will be dead. At least, that’s what she wants everyone to think. After years of research, Maude has decided to fake her own death. She’s figured out the how, the when, the where, and who will help her unsuspectingly.

The why is complex: revenge, partly. Her terrible parents deserve this. But there’s also l’appel du vide, the call of the void, that beckons her toward a new life where she will be tied to no one, free and adrift. Then Frankie, a step-cousin she barely knows, figures out what she’s plotting, and the plan seems like it’s ruined. Except Frankie doesn’t want to rat her out. Frankie wants in. The girls vault into the unknown, risking everything for a new and limitless life. But there are some things you can never run away from. What if the poison is not in the soil, but in the roots?

This pulse-pounding thriller offers a nuanced exploration of identity, freedom, and falling in love while your world falls apart.

Publication Date: 10th May

Goodreads | Book Depository

TW: car accident, homophobia, death, murder, attempted murder, drugging

My Thoughts:

Dead End Girls is a book that pulls no punches. Heard has crafted an explosive and deeply addictive thriller that is so meticulously woven together. 

As ever, Heard’s plotting was meticulous with an intense atmosphere and unsettling tension that only ever increases. The tension only ever increases and gives you a constant unsettling sense of dread. Every time you think it can’t escalate more, it does as Heard takes it into even more trepidatious territory. I loved how Heard makes this story all the more complicated, both in terms of plot and of ethics. This is such a fantastically constructed story, with so many layers and nuance to it. Of course, it helps that so many razor-sharp twists are deployed, unbalancing you at every turn. 

I loved how Heard constantly made this story all the more complicated both in terms of plot and ethics. This book is not one that offers any easy answers, instead Heard pulls you into this mire of murky decisions and questionable motivations. She really forces you to question what you would do in this situation, where all you can try and do is survive and break for freedom at all costs. This matches the intricate plotting Heard has crafted perfectly. 

Our protagonists are fractured, flawed characters that are not particularly good. They are so set on survival and choosing their own paths in life, at any cost. Inevitably, one mistake leads to another and Heard unleashes this domino effect of death and destruction. These are fairly ruthless and manipulative people, but their motivations are steeped in years of mistreatment and marginalisation. Watching their elaborate plans unfold was fascinating. The representation is also wonderful to see, with an exploration of non binary identity and sapphic relationships. 

Dead End Girls is a slick, smart and shocking book that trades in the dubious world of survival, escape and reinvention at all costs.


About The Author:

Wendy Heard is the author of two adult thrillers: The Kill Club and Hunting Annabelle, which Kirkus Reviews praised as “a diabolically plotted creep show from a writer to watch.” She’s Too Pretty To Burn, which Kirkus called “a wild and satisfying romp” in a starred review, marks her YA debut. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America, is a contributor at, and co-hosts the Unlikeable Female Characters podcast. Wendy lives in Los Angeles, California.

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