Blog Tour: Something Certain, Maybe

Today, as part of the blog tour to celebrate the fantastic Something Certain, Maybe by Sara Barnard, I’m sharing a little interview I got to conduct with her! You can check out my review for this title here.

Also, today marks A Level Results Day so congratulations and good luck to all those receiving results.

A huge thank you to Camilla Leask at Willow Publicity and Macmillan Children’s Books UK for organising this excellent tour.

Rosie is ready for her life to begin, because nothing says new life like going to university. After years of waiting and working hard, she’s finally on the road that will secure her future. 

Except university turns out to be not what she hoped or imagined, and although she’s not exactly unhappy – really – she might be a little bit worried that she doesn’t really like her course much. Or her flatmates. Or, really . . . anything? But it’s normal to be homesick (right?) and everything will have settled in a month or two, and it’s totally fine that her friends seem so much happier than she is, and that the doctors don’t seem to know what’s wrong with her mother. 

And then she meets Jade, and everything starts to look a little brighter. At least, it does if she’s only looking at Jade. But is first love enough when everything else is falling apart?

TW: isolation, mentions of suicide attempt, parental illness, cheating

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Q & A with Sara Barnard:

Emily: What drives you to write so fiercely and authentically about mental health?

SB: It always just seems to come up! To be honest, I find it hard to believe anyone could be living in the world we’re currently in and not experience some kind of difficulty with their mental health. I also think think there’s a lot of quite harmful stuff out there regarding mental health, so I want to be putting fiction out there that is as authentic as possible, while also being responsible with it. (Responsible is a boring word, but it’s so important!)

Who would your ideal cast for Rosie, Caddy and Suzanne be?

I’ve never been very good at this kind of question, but I always love hearing readers’ ideas for this! I did always think Alia Shawkat would make a great Rosie. 

What was the best and worst part of your uni experience? 

The best was that I generally had a nice time! I made some great friends in my first year, and I met my husband there, so that was definitely a bonus! The worst was probably that those great friends I made in my first year didn’t last, which was quite painful at the time. 

How does female friendship enrich your life?

In every way! I think one of the great fundamental things in life is having people to talk to and to share things with. It’s not always about the big life-changing events and tragedies, it’s all the everyday stuff in-between, as well.

What’s your favourite read of 2022 so far?

Laura Bates’s Fix the System, Not the Women is brilliant.

Finally, what songs would summarise the series for you?

Oh, so many!! Always Gold by Radical Face, Rosie by Passenger, Happiness is Not A Place by the Wind and the Wave. I’ve had a few readers send me the Harry Styles song Matilda for Suzanne, as well!

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