Blog Tour: The Atlas Paradox

I fell in love with The Atlas Six when I read it earlier this year and it really lived up to my extremely high expectations. So when Black Crow PR and Tor Books offered me a review copy and a space on the blog tour for The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake, I leapt at the chance. Thank you so much to them for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Six magicians were offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

Five are now members of the Society.

And two paths lie before them.

In this thrilling next instalment, the secret society of Alexandrians is unmasked. Its newest recruits realize the institute is capable of raw, world-changing power. It’s also headed by a man with plans to change life as we know it – and these are already under way. But the cost of this knowledge is as high as the price of power, and each initiate must choose which faction to follow. Yet as events gather momentum and dangers multiply, which of their alliances will hold? Can friendships hold true and are enemies quite what they seem?

Publication Date: 25th October

TW: death, violence, murder, kidnapping, parental abuse, claustrophobia, fire, misogyny, ableist language

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My Thoughts:

The Atlas Paradox is an arresting extravaganza of a book that evolves every aspect of The Atlas Six to continue our journey in this world marked by betrayal, deception and thunderbolt-like twists. 

Blake instantly sucks you back into this fascinating and multi-layered scheming world. I really enjoyed the opening ritual for how intense and atmospheric it was. Instantly, it set the tone for how psychological and character driven this story would be, while also introducing new elements into everyone’s dynamics. These are fractured relationships, constantly changing and evolving. It felt so good to be back with these scheming and deeply flawed characters. 

I really love how much this book feels like an intricate puzzle – with all the pieces slowly slotting into place. It’s such a twisty and interesting story with unexpected elements and some academic flourishes that make my heart sing. Also, you get a chance to really delve into everyone’s psyches through their perspectives and analyse their actions, while their changing dynamics are fascinating and multi-layered. Seeing them from one another’s perspectives also adds that extra layer of twists and turns. The sheer enjoyment that comes piecing together what you know with what they know feels like such an adventure and a revelation. When that moment of realisation hits, it is electric. 

The ending is absolutely fantastic; feeling like a satisfying and explosive culmination of everything that has come before. It’s such a smart and interesting way to end all the previous action. I love how Blake builds to such a brilliant payoff for the book and all its winding, ornate and intersecting plotlines. The delicate balance of all of these themes and stories is a tightrope Blake walks expertly, allowing each character and storyline to have their moment in the sun. I left the book knowing I will need the next part as soon as I can obtain it. 

The Atlas Paradox is a vortex of a book, pulling you into its destructive and dangerously entrancing path.

Additionally, the theme of the tour is ShowUsYourShelves – showing off your dark academic vibes! I thought I’d make a dark academia inspired playlist, which you can find below.

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