I’m Emily, a teenage blogger, who loves character-driven stories across a range of genres, but particularly diverse books. My love for books is as big as my love for supporting other bloggers, BookTubers and bookstagrammers. When I’m not reading or blogging, I enjoy watching films and snuggling up with my cat, Misty.

A Short Book Lover has been a dream of mine for ages and I finally kick-started it on 25th June 2018. Since doing so, I’ve been shortlisted for the UKYABAs twice and long listed for five awards in total.

I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog for ages. As a self-confessed book addict, I certainly have plenty to say. I’ve always loved writing and constantly have my head stuck in a book, so it fit perfectly.

My aims for this blog are to share my love of reading, in particular YA.

I also want to try and promote diverse reading and I use a system of symbols to denote the diversity of books with ⭐️ to represent POC characters/AOC, 🏳️‍🌈 for LGBTQ+ authors/characters, 🧠 for mental health representation and 💙 for disabled authors/characters.

Every month I try to read:

  • At least one book by an AOC and/or contains POC characters
  • At least one book by an LGBT+ author or that contains LGBT+ themes
  • At least one book containing themes about mental health issues/disabilities

You can contact me at ashortbooklover19@gmail.com, but please check out my Review Policy before doing so.