Let’s Talk Books

In 2020, Emma and I decided to adapt this feature during the world-wide pandemic to become a weekly series where we highlight books that are being published during this time that may not get the release they deserve. We will often feature a review or some other bookish content. In the future, this will expand to underrated books and build a conversation about it.


In 2019, the lovely Emma from Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover and I shared some mutal fangirling over Enchantee on Twitter and this sparked a conversation about how we often just like and retweet bookish comments, which is brilliant, but we often forget to fully engage. Eventually, this lead to the creation of a brand new feature that Emma and I are co-hosting, where we share a book, preferably UKYA, that’s under-rated and try to start a conversation about it. This page will contain all the posts I’ve done so far as part of this!